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Dissertation module – Series of taught sessions (lectures & tutorials / workshops) – Dissertation based on Master’s level research
• Dissertation: piece of academic work – Must include evidence of

• Student’s awareness of key academic literature relating to area / topic of study

• How it relates to research question addressed

• Dissertation serves one or more purposes – Review existing knowledge, leading to critique, synthesis, or new understandings of existing knowledge – Critically analyse situation, problem, issue – Construct something novel (e.g., new model, approach, concept or theory)

Module aims

  • Give students opportunity to study subject, business problem or research question in depth
  • Research issues surrounding subject or background to problem

2 routes for dissertation

Standard research route – Traditional research-based dissertation related to topic

• Jointly agreed by student & (intended) dissertation supervisor

Organisation-based research route (Collaborative Dissertation)

• Jointly agreed by student, organisation & (intended) dissertation supervisor

A. Project-based dissertation – Research conducted remotely from partner organisation • May involve collection of primary data from organisation, based on lab / field experiments
B. Internship-based dissertation – Within partner organisation while completing additional operational internship activities