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Guide 2: How to Write a Country Position Paper

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Each delegate will submit a country position paper explaining their assigned countries’ position regarding the assigned issue. You are responsible for research on your country and issue; resources for research are provided on Moodle and are discussed in seminar on October

A note on plagiarism. Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable. If you are caught doing either you will be subject to the disciplinary procedures spelled out in the Student Handbook. Please consult the plagiarism website for further information. If you have any questions, please ask ahead of time.

The format must be pdf or docx. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure it has been submitted on time. To avoid technical issues and ensure it is on time, submit at least 3 hours before it is due.

Structure and content Follow the example below, using both section headers and word limits as indicated in the example. That is, copy the example below and fill in the information for “your” country and issue in the relevant sections. For general information on policy papers (and how they differ from research papers), you may also wish to consult

Format • Memos must be typed on A4 paper with normal margins (2.54cm) on all sides. • Paragraphs should be SINGLE-SPACED and should be separated by a double space.
• Address the memo to your audience at the top of the page. Follow the sample above for layout, section headers, and word limits.


To: United Nations General Assembly, [Committee Name] From: Delegation of [country name] to the United Nations General Assembly Subject: Draft United Nations General Assembly, [Committee Name] on [Issue] Date: 10 November 2019 Word count:

Executive Summary

This section should provide brief answers to EACH of the following questions: • What is the issue and why is a decision needed? • What key information is contained in your memorandum? • What course of action does your country recommend and why? Note that this section is unique to each country; if your text is generic and could be part of any country’s executive summary, you need to be more specific.


This section should indicate a clear understanding of the given issue and provide a basic foundation as to the current situation associated with the issue. This is an opportunity for you to show the depth of your knowledge about the past and current situations regarding the issue. Be sure to discuss the following: • Historical origin of the problem, particularly why the problem arose. • How does the issue relate to the international community and why is it of international concern? • Previous actions taken to try and solve the problem (if any). • Successes and failures of past actions, and why they succeeded or failed. Devoting about 75 words for EACH item on this list should allow you to have sufficiently discussed the topic and to set the foundations for the next two sections.