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Essay 1 task description

Miranda Swinton, owner of Swinging Food café (a reference to Miranda former life as a trapeze artist),
in the inner west of Sydney, is staring at the menu that one of her chefs, Erica Batt, has proposed. She is
concerned that the menu is vegetarian, if not vegan, for all options. Maurice Griselle, who also is a chef
at Swinging Food, has also looked at the menu and has come storming into Miranda office.
Maurice: She can’t be serious, what about the meat eaters! This will cause all sorts of problems. We
might lose the cyclists and the other meat eaters. Our current menu has both options, vegetarian and
Miranda: Calm down Maurice, this is not set in stone and I will have a conversation with Erica. So, leave
it with me and it will be sorted out.
Miranda shook her head, and then went in search of Erica.
Miranda: Hi Erica, about the menu…
Erica: What do you think? I think it will be good for the customers, you know a lot of them are
vegetarian or vegan and this will work for them.
Miranda: I can see you are very excited about this. But, what about the meat eaters, they don’t get a
look in here…
Erica: Oh…come on, meat eaters are becoming extinct!
Miranda: Erica I think we need to get Maurice in here to discuss the options, as you both need to
prepare the same menu.
One day later, Erica and Maurice met up with Miranda.
Miranda: I am concerned about the potential problems with the menu, and I would like you to discuss
this to work out the best possible outcome.
Maurice: Well, I don’t think taking the menu vegetarian or vegan is going to help us.
Erica: Well, eating meat is going to destroy the environment. If you look at the BBC News, they state
that food production accounts for a quarter of gas emissions. This includes forestry as they have to cut
down trees to extend pastures for beef and lamb.
Maurice: Erica, you won’t get an argument from me on global warming, but we do need to think about
the meat in the food we prepare. Some people will stop coming to the café if there are no meat options.
We need to offer them meat.
Erica: Well, why not use the plant-based meat? If you look at the USA, the plant-based meat is growing
as people are moving away from eating meat.
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Maurice: My understanding is that is very high in salt, so that’s no good, look at the ABC news or Choice
magazine. They are saying that it is very heavily laden in salt, sugar and fats. Besides they government
have asked us to support the farmers, and we should do that, by buying meat.
Erica: I don’t want to change my menu, but I will if you go with plant-based meat. Especially if you look
at the research that shows one-third of Australians are flexitarian or want to reduce the meat they eat.
My menu can do that.
Maurice: Erica, that is being unreasonable, meat eaters won’t go for this.
At this point the arguments started between Erica and Maurice, until Miranda stepped in.
Miranda: Alright, I will investigate both options and I will make a judgement.
Miranda is confused by the options and has decided to engage a consultant. She has two articles,
Deloitte – Plant-based alternatives and 8 Surprising Benefits of Meat
Your task is to examine the documents put forward by Miranda Plant-based alternative and 8 Surprising
Benefits Of Meat and then write a short evaluation in essay format. The essay should evaluate the two
sides of the debate and then conclude with a clear and well-justified recommendation on whether
Miranda should switch her menu.
In the essay you must:

  1. write a succinct introduction;
  2. critically evaluate the two sides of the debate; and
  3. conclude with a well-justified recommendation.
    Critical thinking is a key component of the exercise and we are looking for originality of thought. In so
    doing, you must draw on additional research from other reliable English language sources, especially
    peer-reviewed academic journal articles and, if applicable, relevant industry, government and nongovernment publications.
    By way of guidance, it is recommended that your essay should spend:
  4. Roughly 50 words on introduction;
  5. 350-500 words on critically evaluating the argument(s); and
  6. 80-100 words on a conclusion.
  7. Your essay must include a reference list.
    This Essay task is worth 10% of your final grade, and should not exceed **** words in length, including intext references, reference list, and any text in tables, diagrams, etc. Your essay must also contain a
    reference list, which is also included in the word count. The essay must be submitted in .doc or .docx
    BUSS5020 Essay.