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ECON 4140
Assignment #1
Submit via Dropbox on Brightspace/D2L (Folder: Assignment 1)
For this assignment, you are expected to read the following paper:
Rao, D.P., Kropac, E., Do, M.T., Roberts, G.C. and Jayaraman, G.C. 2016. “Childhood
overweight and obesity trends in Canada,” Health Promotion and Chronic Disease
Prevention in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice 36(9): 1-5.
You may supplement your answers to the questions below with information from other articles or
sources but, you are reminded to always adhere to academic integrity regulations of the university and
cite and reference sources appropriately.
Grading for this assignment will be based on the content and structure of answers as well as form and
presentation (including spelling, grammar, etc.). Please include your student name, university ID
number, assignment number, course name and date on a cover page that is separate from your
responses. Please number your responses to each question to correspond to the numbering below.
Points available for each question are listed. The total number of points available is 35.
A Microsoft Word or PDF file format is preferred. Feedback and grades will be provided electronically
through Brightspace / D2L.

  1. In 500 words or less, provide a summary of the article by Rao et al. Your summary should give the
    reader an understanding of the aims of the paper as well as the approach undertaken and the main
    findings and conclusions. (8 points)
  2. In the Rao et al article, what would you see as potential limitations or gaps in their analysis and/or
    discussion? Are there any limitations or caveats that you feel apply to the variables or data they
    utilize? Have the authors acknowledged these or other limitations or shortcomings? (7 points)
  3. What, if any, are the potential economic implications of childhood obesity? Comment on both micro
    and macroeconomic implications. (6 points)
  4. What are some of the possible economic factors that may affect the prevalence of childhood obesity?
    (6 points)
  5. Briefly describe a policy or program that is administered and / or financed by government (at any
    level) that is primarily intended to influence childhood obesity in Canada, a province/territory,
    region or municipality. What are the expected (or already observed) effects of this policy/program?
    What, if any, economic effects are expected or have already materialized? [For this question, you
    should carry out a search for information on such a policy/program (what, where, when, who?) and
    note analysis that has been done to identify/measure its impacts. You are not expected to examine
    more than 1 or 2 additional sources (but more is ok).] (8 points)
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