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So far, this course has introduced you to what managers do, management theory and contemporary context and issues that influence organisations and their managers.

This test with a mixture of question types would test you on the management concepts, theories, terminology and application.  More detail to be provided nearer the time.

Test duration:  1.5 hours (90 minutes)

Weighting/Value: 20%

Estimated return date: Three weeks after assignment submission

Assessment task 2

Title: Report on Case Study 代写

Due date: Week 10 (please check date with your lecturer/tutor)

Based on this case study, you are now required to identify, discuss and evaluate a range of selected management theories and concepts from management that managers and organisations can use to operates efficiently and effectively.

Although this is a report based on the real world (case study), you are still required to use academic sources including the textbook and journal articles as well as use academic citation and referencing conventions. A good analysis (in the discussion section) will include consideration of the factors that support and constrain the management and/or organisation’s response to the ensuring efficient and effective operations.

Preliminaries: These are the title page, table of contents, and full executive summary.  Note that these are NOT included in the word count.

Introduction: This

  • indicates the purpose of your report
  • identifies the plan of the report.

Discussion: This is the main part of your report. Here you will identify, discuss and evaluate case study based on the questions provided. You can have two separate subheadings addressing each aspect of the questions in this section.

Conclusion: This is where you draw your conclusion from the discussion based on the purpose of this report.

Recommendations: Finally, based on your discussion, make some recommendations that you suggest the organisation/manager should do to achieve their purpose.

Quality: You must use academic journal resources and suitable language and grammar.

References:  appropriate APA referencing citing a minimum of four academic references.  Note that the reference list is NOT included in the word count.

Your main aim in this report is to show your reader that you can apply some of the management theories and concepts you are studying to address real-life problems faced by managers in organisations and that you can present these ideas. Chapter 7 in the Student Q Manual provides a detailed outline for report writing.

Online Submission is required for all students

Please submit your assignment online by the due date.

Word limit: 1500 words (+/- 10%). Excluding preliminaries and references