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Your Annotated Reference List should include five sources (including different types of sources) related to your chosen topic for your Extended Essay. The sources you select should be useful to you in your research. For each of your five sources you must address the following points in your own words:

  1. Full reference –follow the into Graduate Diploma Referencing System
  • How is this source useful?
    • What were your reasons for selecting the source?
    • Think particularly about things such as “does it provide evidence?”, “provide new ideas?”, “how does it support your own ideas?” and “does it improve your understanding?”.
  • Identify two significant claims made by the author(s) or presented in the source.
    • Use the CREE framework to help you with this
  • What supporting evidence (data, statistics, examples, theory, supporting research) does the author provide for these claims?
    • Identify the evidence the author uses to support the claims that you have written in question 3.
  • Choose one of the claims from question 3. Use the Guidance questions for critiquing a source text.
    • What is the claim?
    • Evaluate the supporting evidence – Is the supporting evidence credible or relevant? (Evidence questions)
    • Do you think the claim is reasonable? You must explain why. (Claims and Reasons questions)
  • Reading this source should have helped you to develop more research questions. Write at least two questions.
    • Has this made you think differently about the topic?
    • Has the research highlighted any areas which are under-researched that you could address in your work?