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Issues to be considered The report should address the following issues.

  1. A critical appraisal the New Zealand crowd funding model started in 2018. The appraisal should include the number of successful crowd funding campaigns since 2018, the cumulative amounts raised in the successful campaigns, the number of investors, and the crowd funding platforms currently operating in New Zealand.
  2. New Zealand’s legal framework under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2017 (FMC Act) passed in 2017
  3. Equity crowd funding risks and rewards

Report writing Write a comprehensive report outlining your findings and recommendations based on empirical evidence (word limit: 2500 words). The report must be brief, precise and technical in nature, and should be accompanied by documentary evidence of your research (e.g. Excel spreadsheets). The writing format in Word includes Times New Roman, Font 12 with 1.5 space and enough margins.