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Assessment Information
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

  1. Critically evaluate theoretical approaches to responsible leadership.
  2. Examine the relationship between international leadership and management and discuss the roles of leaders
    and managers in achieving organizational objectives.
  3. Identify and analyze leadership styles and skills, in the context of international organization.
    This assignment includes both individual and group-based elements.
    This assignment requires you to:
    Develop a portfolio to demonstrate your achievement of the learning outcomes listed above. This portfolio will
    comprise the following three elements:
  4. Individual report
    For your report you are required to provide an assessment of the ethical leadership demonstrated in an
    international context.
    Select one of the case studies located at
    For your case study, complete a report in which you:
    This document is for Coventry University students for their own use in completing their assessed work for this module and should not be
    passed to third parties or posted on any website. Any infringements of this rule should be reported to
    Assignment Brief Template
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    1) Summarize the context of the case study, in relation to:
    a) what happened and
    b) the outcome of the situation described in the case study
    2) Identify the principle leaders involved in this case study [this can be by name or more broadly as groups]
    3) Discuss the principle leadership and management actions undertaken by these groups
    4) Examine the impact of these leadership and management actions (what happened after the leader’s
    5) Assess the degree to which the leadership and management described in this case study is consistent with
    one or more ethical leadership style
    6) Provides recommendations as to how the standard of leadership and management demonstrated in the
    case study can be improved in the future.
  5. Group presentation [20 minutes]
    Your group should comprise no more than 4 students in total.
    Each student in the group must focus on an organization from the list below (in the last page) and
  6. Examine the relationship between leadership and the management of the organization (present the
    organization, the leader and manager/management board)
  7. Discussthe roles of leaders and manager/managerial board in dealing with the international challenges
    such cross-culture, diversity, sustainability, CSR, gender issue and gender pay gap. Your team should
    critically discuss what you believe is the leadership styles and skills, in the context of the chosen
    organization, and how you believe this leadership style is linked to academic theories.
  8. Present your group recommendations as to how the standards of leadership and management can be
    improved in the similar challenge emerging in the future.
    NB. You need to prepare a PowerPoint with recorded audio for each slide.
  9. Individual reflection [600 words] [3 credits]
    This should critically reflect on your learning from the module and how this might influence your future
    behavior. The report should draw on appropriate academic theory on the process of reflection and its role in
    the learning process.
    Within your critical reflection you should address the following questions:
    1) What are the key lessons for leaders and managers identified from your individual report? How do you
    these lessons will influence your approach as a leader or manager in the future?
    2) How might your experience of the group-based presentation inform your approach to group-based
    project working in the future? E.g. what elements worked well, what would you do differently?