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Assessment Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this assignment students should be able to/have:

 Consider the financial reporting standards applicable to reporting the results of

individual and business combinations

 Evaluate the current developments to the financial reporting framework and the

implications of those developments

 Critically review financial reporting standards in issue and evaluate the

associated commercial issues

 The ability to apply appropriate skills to filter, analyse and evaluate data and draw

reasoned conclusions and made appropriate recommendations.

 The ability to learn independently and self manage learning needs

 The ability to communicate in a manner appropriate to the intended audience

In line with the module learning outcomes.

Assessment Transferrable Skills

This assessment has been developed to ensure students have the ability to:

 synthesis large volumes of information to develop a cohesive argument for or

against a specific accounting treatment

 follow guidance and comply with regulations

 work within a set timeframe to respond to a given task

 present information without an overreliance on visual support

ACFI 3221 Assignment Brief 2019-2020 1

Assignment Brief

Prepare a transcript and record a five minute podcast to discuss the

following issues

In May 2018 the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) asking the

international accounting community for clear guidance on how crypo-assets

should be treated in the financial statements.

Their commentary noted that crypo-assets could be treated in one of four ways

depending on which of the current accounting standard are consider to be


Permission for an extension can only be obtained from the Module
Leader (Lisa Wakefield) on presentation of an appropriately completed
Coursework Extension Form (available from the Student Advice Centre)
with the necessary written evidence attached.
 Do not phone or email to ask for an extension as only a formal
written request is acceptable.
 These forms will be signed by the Module Leader as the only official
approval of late hand-in.
 No other authorisation process has any official status and students
will be penalised for not following this procedure when requesting
extra time for assignments.
ACFI 3221 Assignment Brief 2019-2020 
 Do not leave an extension request until the day of submission as it is
unlikely to be administered in sufficient time to be valid.