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Individual Assessment: Analysis of the Individual Branding and Brand Communication Strategies in the Luxury Automobile Market


During your trip, you will visit a number of different companies; Land Rover / Jaguar, the Morgan Motor Company and Aston Martin. We will also have discussed some of the issues associated with global branding and considered the challenge that this presents to companies.

The purpose of these visits is to enable you to develop your understanding of international marking and brand communication. There will be two parts to your assessment:

For your report, you are required to:

1. Select one of the companies visited and write a short (approx. 500 words) situation analysis that should describe its business environment (note: this might include PEST and Porter’s 5 Forces, but your analysis should include more than just this), how it competes, the challenges faced and its future business prospects.

This will be worth 25% of the marks.

2. Using appropriate models – such as the ‘brand onion’ and other branding models applied in the workshop) critically analyse the company’s branding strategy and explain how the brand is managed via the company’s marketing activities (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

This will be worth 50% of the marks.

3. With examples, compare and contrast the way the brand is communicated in an established, mature market with the way it is communicated in an emerging or developing market. You should do this by finding examples of advertisements and other marketing materials and critically analysing the similarities and/or differences.

This will be worth 25% of the marks.

Your report will be worth 60% of the total marks for the module







1。 从受访公司中选择一家,写一篇短文(大约。500字)应描述其业务环境的情况分析(注意:这可能包括PEST和波特的5种力量,但您的分析应不仅仅包括这一点)、它如何竞争、面临的挑战及其未来的业务前景。


2。 使用适当的模型(如“洋葱品牌”和研讨会中应用的其他品牌模型),批判性地分析公司的品牌战略,并解释如何通过公司的营销活动(产品、价格、地点和促销)来管理品牌。


3。 举例来说,比较和对比品牌在成熟市场和新兴市场的传播方式。你应该通过寻找广告和其他营销材料的例子,并批判性地分析相似和/或不同之处来做到这一点。