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本次代写的作业是商业战略分析,研究对象是 Shoprite 与 SAIC Motor 两家公司。战略分析是商科老师经常会布置的作业,要求学生能够熟练搜集并分析相关公司的业务数据与市场状况。

Assignment Title: Strategic Analysis Portfolio

Description of the assignment:
Students are required to undertake a strategic analysis from their choice of organisation from the following two companies:
Shoprite –
SAIC Motor –
The strategic analysis comprises a portfolio of six parts. Each part covers the theory and application covered during the previous weeks’ Canvas unit and tutorial discussions. It is therefore critical that students engage with the online content and the teaching sessions, as the content covered will directly inform the assessment write up.
The table below outlines each part of the portfolio. Please pay close attention to the weekly submission deadlines. The column on the left introduces each part, and aligns directly to the units covered in the module The column on the right provides useful prompts to help you think about what you will need to research, and which areas of theory you might need to cover. Remember you are only covering ONE issue, risk or opportunity in each part, so you should not try to answer all the questions. The questions are there to help you think about which kinds of issues and theories might be relevant.

Bullet point prompts – possible areas to cover

Part 1 – Environmental Analysis
Deadline for submission on Canvas –
Monday 12th April

(18 marks) • What is going on in the broad environment – is this regional, national, international?
• Who are the main stakeholders and how are they influencing the business at the moment?
• What is going on in the competitive marketplace? (Porter’s 5 forces model)
• How is supply changing?
• How are customers changing e.g. habits or attitudes?
Part 2 – Resources and Capabilities
Deadline for submission on Canvas –
Sunday 25th April Friday 30th April

(18 marks) • What strengths and weaknesses exist for the organisation in relation to their resources and capabilities?
• What are the critical activities in their value chain
• What do they do that meets the criteria of a core competence?
• What might be a core rigidity, and why?
Part 3 – Competitive Advantage
Deadline for submission on Canvas –
Sunday 2nd May Friday 7th May

(18 marks) • How do their strengths allow them to take advantage of their opportunities, or mitigate their threats?
• How do their weaknesses expose them to their threats, or block them realising opportunities?
• How do they differentiate or cost-lead, or are they stuck in the middle?
• Are they building on a Resource or Market Based View of strategy?
• How do they avoid strategic drift?