德国、法国、美国商业计划代写Business Plan—GSBS 6192 STRATEGIC HRM & ER

Publically available strategic plans, strategic position statements, statements of intent or similar documents developed by public and private sector organisations are often presented without any detailed analysis of the wider business environment in which an organisation operates. Such plans rarely provide details of practice implications from a human resource management perspective.

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很多留学生在找代写的过程中会因为各种原因被骗钱,付出了金钱却得不到回报的感觉的确是非常糟糕,而且有的时候被坑钱还不是最主要的,最麻烦的情况是本来已经约定好了deadline截止日提交,最后却没收到代写发来的论文直接导致本门成绩挂科,代价往往是重修费几千刀,还要在下学期继续上这门课。有的同学会在代写被骗的时候选择隐忍,因为觉得找代写本来就是不那么光彩的事情,被学校知道了留学生涯就完蛋了,被同学知道了更丢不起人。反正就是抱着反正也不会更糟糕的心态对待这种遭遇,事实上真的应该 选择这样吗?答案是不应该。何况有的同学是帮朋友或者同学找代写,然后自己垫付的钱被骗了不说,朋友还要怪罪自己帮了倒忙,两头吃亏。

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Introduction • The Utopia theory created by Thomas More has been termed as a Renaissance humanism product. • The ideal theory of Utopia gives a humanist interest in the Classical times in form of languages and the influence of Erasmus’ The Praise of Folly and Valla’s, good and unreal morality which has been in the ancient philosophical beliefs on the issue of ethics and morality. Utopia as a humanist fiction (an exercise in persuasive rhetoric)

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