CODE BMGT 618 论文代写|管理学ESSAY代写要求|美国大学论文代写

BMGT 618 *****Assignment * (35%) Due *********** ************

The assignment is to be completed in groups or, by agreement with the Examiner, individually.

In order to link with Assignment 3, Students will access an industry after approval by the Examiner

Each group will write a detailed strategic analysis of the industry as an essay of no longer than 3,000 words excluding references and appendices. 

Note: help will be given by the Examiner in order to achieve a post-graduate level of attainment – this includes initial choices and draft assignments. 


Guideline: ******* words + or – 10%. APA type referencing is required, and deductions will be made for spelling, grammar, punctuation and referencing errors.

Cover Sheet required/ Names and Lincoln Identification numbers

Task: Essay: “For an industry of your choice, and using the theoretical models in the course, describe the major factors influencing it, and provide evidence of its products, markets and competitors as appropriate.”

Title – Choose your own specific one to suit the subject. Be creative.

Introduction 15% – Briefly describe the industry history including financials, the type, stage of development etc. then list your subsequent headings/sections briefly.







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