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本次ESSAY代写任务要求选取美籍非裔、美籍亚裔、美籍拉丁人、美国土著有关的话题,领域涉及移民、教育、传媒、社会运动、艺术生活等,然后根据选题写一篇Comparative Essay,本篇写作要求是比较基础的难度。

Essay Prompt:

This essay asks you to choose a topic we have discussed in this class and comparethe experiences, histories, or productions of two of the groups we have focused on this semester–African Americans, Asian Americans, Latin@s, Native Americans—with regard to that topic. Some topics might include:

  • Relationship to the founding of the US
  • Immigration
  • Stereotypes and/or the media
  • Education
  • Activism and social movements
  • The arts (music, literature, etc.)
  • Crime/policing/incarceration

Some questions you may wish to consider: How has this issue affected these two groups differently? How has this issue highlighted differences and/or commonalities between the groups? How have these two groups responded to this issue? Your answer should draw on class readings, films, and lectures and should not require outside research.

A successful paper will have the following elements:

  • A clear argument that states the topic and provides a clear comparison between the two groups being discussed.
  • At least two quotations, properly cited using MLA citation style, from the assigned readings. (You may, of course, include more than one.)
  • At least one reference to one of the lectures.