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This essay is marked as part of the assessment criteria for the module of Academic English and Writing. The wordcount limit for this essay is 1000 words +/- 10% (900/1100). The essay must be written in proper academic format and include a full list of references at the end. Any sign of plagiarism will result in an immediate fail and may result in disciplinary action. Include clear headings and subheadings, double space the words, and include page numbering. Submissions should include both your name, and student ID number. Include these in a front cover page.

The learning objectives of this assignment are:专业代写

  • To gain experience in writing academic essays
  • To practice and receive feedback of citation and referencing
  • To be able to form a proper essay answer to an essay question
  • To apply ideas and methods as you learn them to your essay writing
  • To exhibit critical and analytical thinking

Grading criteria are:

GradeCriteria (what is expected)
90-100%Arguments are formed in an articulate way and demonstrate unique and new ideas. Writing is both creative and insightful. Excellent implementation of references, with links and references used to directly reference journals. Structure of the essay is perfect.
80-89%Fluent, thorough, and shows clear analytical thought. Meets all the standards of the assignment brief and maintains a good standard of academic writing and structure.
70-79%Clear and accurate and covers all assignment brief content but to a lesser extent. References and citations are used.
60-69%Incomplete, inadequate, missing important information. Argument is incoherent and unstructured. Academic structuring is not properly applied. Failing to address the question correctly.
Below 60% (fail)Fails to answer the question whilst also possessing incoherent writing and style. Fails to make any correct references or citations, as week as possessing very limited language and ideas. Does not show critical thought or analysis.

Should you fail to reference or cite work correctly, your grade will be limited to the lowest passing grade. You must include a minimum of 4 references, more are recommended. It is recommended to choose a topic that is either related to your course, or you have a particular interest in.

Choose one of the topics below:

  1. Should Universities still do examinations?
  2. Do video games cause violence?
  3. A Discussion on imperialism: Was India better off as a British colony?
  4. Is the  journalism in the USA unbiased?
  5. Does fashion benefit or harm mental health?
  6. Choose either Brownfield or Greenfield investment and argue why your choice is the better form of foreign direct investment (FDI).