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Summative Assessment

Essay – 2000 Word Limit

The Research Methods module has explored elements of the research process,
including methodologies and methods used by academics and practitioners when
conducting business research. We have learnt that there are different ways to
approach research and that the methodology (approach and strategy) and methods
used are determined by the research purpose – what you are seeking to know and
discover. We have also learnt that all methodologies and methods have merits and
In this assignment you are required to demonstrate your understanding of the
research process and research design by identifying, discussing, and critically
evaluating an appropriate research methodology and method[s] to address a
research topic (see below).
Your work should be fully referenced, using appropriate literature sources, drawing
from module materials and core readings, and supplemented by your own wider


In a letter to partners, customers and stakeholders, Kevin Johnson, CEO Starbucks,
introduced five environmental strategies to direct Starbucks towards becoming a
resource-positive company in order to achieve the aim to ‘give more than we take
from the planet’. One of the five strategies states: “we will shift from single-use to
reusable packaging”.
Research can bring in-depth understanding of the complexities and potential
consequences of these strategies for Starbucks stakeholders. The company intends
to conduct comprehensive research to “better understand consumer behaviour and
incentives to encourage the use of reusable containers” as part of its ongoing
commitment to sustainability. (, 2020).

Reference (January 21, 2020). A message from Starbucks ceo Kevin
Johnson: Starbucks new sustainability commitment [online]. Available at: Date Accessed: 25 August 2020.


Write a 2000-word essay in which you discuss and critically evaluate an appropriate
research methodology and method[s] to investigate the topic of “consumer behaviour
and incentives to encourage the use of reusable containers” for Starbucks.
Suggested structure:
The assignment follows an essay format which should include an introduction, main
body (with headings and subheadings) and conclusions.
Introduction (approx. 200 words)
Outline the purpose and relevance of business research for organisations. Briefly
introduce the process of identifying a research topic and formulating a research
question, using the example given, Starbucks.
Main Body (approx. 1600 words)
In this section, you should refer to the research process and the importance of
methodological fit when designing research. You may wish to include:
Choosing an appropriate methodology: discuss and critically evaluate
methodological issues in research design (philosophy, approach, strategy) and
recommend an approach that would address the research topic you have been
Selecting methods of data collection and analysis: discuss and critically evaluate the
range of method[s] of data collection and analysis available and decide which would
be most appropriate, highlighting strengths and limitations of your recommended
Ethical Considerations: demonstrate awareness of the ethical considerations
required when conducting research.
Conclusion (approx. 200 words)
In this section, you should reflect on the research process and draw your own
conclusions on the feasibility of the research design choices you have presented.






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