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Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

The University has a comprehensive policy framework to which both staff and students must adhere. You should familiarise
yourself with those policies, procedures and guidelines likely to affect you especially the following:
 Academic Integrity
 Academic Progress
 Assessment and Feedback
 Extension to Submission Dates
 Late Submission of Assessment Tasks
 Occupational, Health and Safety [OHS]
 Privacy
 Special Consideration
 Student Charter
 Use of Electronic Mail
The relevant policies, procedures and guidelines can be found on the website at:

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity means being honest in academic work and taking responsibility for learning the conventions of scholarship.
La Trobe University views this seriously as evidenced by the following extract:
Academic honesty is a fundamental principle in teaching, learning, research and scholarship. The University
requires its academic staff and students to observe the highest ethical standards in all aspects of academic
work and it demonstrates its commitment to these values by awarding due credit for honestly conducted
scholarly work, and by penalising academic misconduct and all forms of cheating.
Academic Integrity Procedures (2012, p. 1 of 6)
Academic misconduct includes improper referencing, plagiarism, copying and cheating. You should familiarise yourself with
your responsibilities in relation to Academic Integrity and if you have any questions, direct them to your Course Coordinator.
Information can be found on the website at: Academic Integrity, Student administration, La Trobe University
All hard copy assignments should be accompanied by the Academic Integrity Assignment Declaration Form available at:
Assignment Declaration Form [PDF 27KB]
For assistance with referencing visit Acknowledgement and referencing help, Student administration, La Trobe University

Special Consideration-Essay代写

Special Consideration is the term used to describe a process that applies an equity measure to ensure that where any temporary
adverse circumstances beyond the control of a student, that impact negatively on that student’s ability to demonstrate their
learning achievement for an assessment task, is taken into account.
Eligibility to apply for Special Consideration does not automatically imply eligibility to receive it. Certain criteria must be
satisfied in order to receive Special Consideration.
Please refer to the relevant policies, procedures and guidelines website at
Submission of special consideration applications for assignments, mid-semester tests and final examinations should be made
online at:

Extensions, Late Submissions and Penalties

There are policies and procedures to guarantee fair, consistent and transparent treatment of late submission of assessment
tasks provide equity around extensions to submission dates and penalties associated with not submitting assessment by the due date and time.
The University requires fair, consistent and transparent treatment of late submission of assessment tasks. The procedure for late
submission is documented in the Late Submission of Assessment Tasks document (Ref. no. 112027D). It states:
La Trobe University 7
The standard penalty for late submission of assessment tasks is 5% of the marks for that task for each delay
in submission of a day or partial day up to a maximum of five (5) working days after the due date.
Assessment tasks will not be accepted after the earlier of the following occurrences:
 The fifth (5th) working day after the due date; or
 Feedback on the assessment task has been returned to any student by the Teaching Team member.
These penalties apply only to individual assessment tasks worth 15% or more of the total assessment for the
subject. Late submission of take home examinations is not permitted.
Submission of special consideration applications for assignments, mid-semester tests and final examinations should be
made online at:
Please refer to the relevant policies, procedures and guidelines website at:.

Student Complaint-Essay代写

La Trobe University is committed to an effective complaints handling mechanism for students in line with its policy of creating a
harmonious and productive study environment. Feedback stemming from student complaints is a valuable source of information
that helps the University improve the quality of its service.
You should lodge a complaint if:
 you are unhappy about something specific in your academic life (eg not enough seating in a lecture, staff not available
during office hours, cancelled lectures…)
 you don’t think ‘the rules’ (university policy or procedure) are being followed
 a university staff member has been rude or their behaviour to you was inappropriate
 you have a dispute about a process used during an appeal
 you have reported something to I&O, security or academic staff and you have not received a response after a
reasonable amount of time
 you are a victim of bullying or harassment
For more information on student complaint process and to lodge a formal complaint visit: Complaints and Feedback, Help and
Support, La Trobe University

Learning and Support Programs

There are many resources and learning support services available to you to help you with your academic studies at La Trobe. For
information about ALL learning support services and programs go to the for further information.
Services available to you include The Learning Hub for help with Academic Skills, English Language, Maths, Science and coding.
Visit The Learning Hub for further information or to make an appointment.
You also have access to assignment feedback and online study support chat through Studiosity that can be accessed from any
subject LMS page. Go to and how Studiosity can help you with your studies.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System (LMS) is an Internet based system which allows you access to learning materials and to
interact with other students and teaching staff in activities related to your studies from any location with Internet access. Most
subjects have a LMS site into which you are automatically added as part of your enrolment into the subject.
The LMS can be accessed at: La Trobe University: Log in to the site by using your Username and Password provided to you on
your Statement of Account. If you are having trouble accessing the LMS or want to find out more about LMS, please see the
website at: Learning Management System (LMS), Help and Support, La Trobe University
La Trobe University 8


Your Library offers many ways to support your study. To discover more about how the Library can help, visit your Library
website at and explore the following essential resources:
 Achieve@Uni
Learn all the academic skills you need for successful assessments
 Academic Referencing Tool
Get detailed examples of referencing
 Assessment Planning
Create a personalised assessment schedule
 Training and workshops
Attend essential workshops and learning programs
 Expert Help Guides
Find expert discipline and specialist help for your research
 Reading Lists
Access reading lists for your subjects
 Contact us
Chat, call or email with your questions

Student Support Services-essay代写

If you have special needs due to disability or other factors the Equality and Diversity Centre can provide advice and support.
This Centre can be contacted by telephone on (03) 9479 2900 (Melbourne); (03) 5444 7410 (Bendigo); (02) 6024 9628 (AlburyWodonga); National Relay Service Deaf and Hearing Impaired: T: 133677 (within Australia only). Email: or refer to the website at: .

Health and Wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing are an important part of being a successful student. Studying can be stressful, and many factors can
affect your mental and physical health, in and outside of the University.
Check out the services available to you at La Trobe to support your health and wellbeing at

Resources – College/School/Discipline-specific information

The La Trobe Business School and the University Library provide a range of database and reference resources that may be useful
in completing case study assessment tasks forming part of this subject. Particularly useful database resources available to access
through the University Library web-site are the Morningstar DatAnalysis Premium database (providing Australian company and
market information) and the FactSet database (providing global company and market information – note that you need to
register for login credentials to access the FactSet database). The Bloomberg terminal facilities in the Finance Trading Room can
also be used to obtain comprehensive information relating to Australian and global companies and trading information for
global financial markets.