ESSAY代写:Assessment task title: Assessment 4

本次代写的作业是Individual Reflections,也就是个人总结与反思。需要学生对文献材料有深入的解读,并按照合理角度切入,发挥自己的独特观点。

Weighting/Value: 35% (i.e. 10% per Major Theme: Management, Managing & Being
Managed, 5% for formatting/subheading requirements)
Details of Task:
Students are required to undertake an individual reflection at the conclusion of each week
(i.e. relevance of topic content to current/future job or career with justification for the position
taken). These reflections must be then combined into a single 1800-word document, 600
words per Major Theme (i.e. Management, Managing and Being Managed) which is required
to be submitted at the conclusion of week 12.
The following should be noted when completing the reflections.
● The weekly reflection is not a simple summary of the activities you have undertaken
or completed in relation to the unit for a given week.
● It is meant to be a reflective exercise in which you critically analyse how the various
weekly topics as well as overall theme will/will not assist you in performing your current or
future job. In doing so, you must justify the position taken through the use of critical analysis.
● As a practice, at the end of each week’s workshop write down your thoughts about
the content covered in readings, lecture, and online content in about 100-125 words.
● At the end of the fourth topic for every theme (i.e. weeks 4, 8, and 12), combine
these thoughts into a single document with additional reflection provided on the overall
theme in about 80-100 words. In reflecting about the theme, you are required to select the
topic you preferred most from the topics assigned for that theme and provide insight into why
that is the case.
● While you are not required to cite or reference published literature in completing the
reflections, you are certainly not prohibited from doing so should you wish.
● Please refer to the marking template available on Moodle for further details on how
reflections would be graded.
Release date: N/A
Word limit: 1800 words maximum (i.e. 600 words per Major Theme)
Presentation requirements: The final submission should consist of three sections, one for
each of the Major Themes in this Unit (Management, Managing and Being Managed). With a
total of 600 words required for each section, the final reflection document should not exceed
1800 words.
The Reflections should be formatted as follows:
● Title of Theme (e.g. Management) at the top of the page
● Times New Roman or Arial, 12 size font, and 1.5 spacing.
Estimated return date: Two weeks after the date of submission
Criteria for marking: Please refer to the marking template available on Moodle.
Learning objectives assessed: Students who complete all 12 weeks of reflections will be
assessed on all 5 learning objectives of the unit.
Submission details: You are required to submit an electronic copy via Moodle by the due
Only Microsoft Word documents will be accepted (.doc / .docx)
It is essential you adhere to the following format for the naming of the file you wish to
● it must contain your FULL NAME; and
● there must be no space in the filename. (i.e. janedoe_essay.docx)
You will receive a confirmation message within Moodle once you have successfully
submitted your assignment within the electronic dropbox. Comments and grading of your
assessment will be communicated to you via Moodle.
Penalties for late lodgement: The penalty for late submission is 10% per day,
including weekends.
For information on applying for special consideration,
please visit: /changes/special-consideration
It is suggested that students plan to submit assessment tasks before the due date to cover
any unexpected delays that may be encountered in finalising and completing the
submission. Excuses such as those relating to computer breakdowns are not
acceptable. Students are advised to save a copy on a hard drive, USB and cloud for their
own records.
Assessment coversheet: An electronic coversheet is required for this assessment.
This is accessible in Moodle before you upload your report.
Additional information: Assessments will be marked with a letter grade only






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