MCD2030: Managerial Communication-Assessment 1: Self Analysis Essay

Status: Individual
Weighting: 20%
Time / Word limit: 1,500 words
Format: Microsoft Word, left adjusted margin and 1.5 line spacing
Font: Time New Roman size 12

Four pages summary and Excel file: in class week 6 part 2
Details of task: 管理沟通论文代写
It is an individual assessment task; it is not a group assessment task. Your ability to communicate
with each other will have an impact upon the quality of the experiences you observe, and thus the
extent to which you can apply these observations to the assessment. The assessment is intended to
provide you with the opportunity to develop your written communication skills.
Details of task: Self-analysis through the use of diagnostic tools is one way of gaining self-awareness,
and is therefore a means to improving your communication skills. You are required to complete at least
four personal diagnostics that relate to personality and relationships (for example, the Big Five Locator
Questionnaire, the Emotional Intelligence Test, the Social Styles Test, and the Personal Style Inventory
(based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). A range of suitable tests will be provided (and conducted)
during the tutorials; You must use a diagnostic tool that we have discussed in the classes. A
minimum of eight peer reviewed academic journal articles are expected.
The essay should address two major components:
• Analysis of the data – Report on the findings of the tests you undertook. Avoid being overly
descriptive – analyse the results and explain what they mean. For example, what have you learned
about yourself in terms of relationships, communication style and communication preferences
from these diagnostics? What are the implications of the data for your career/work? And
importantly, what areas could be improved?
• Strategies for improving your communication – Identify a response to the findings of the previous
section. For example, drawing on the communication literature (NB: that means you must
reference the source material for these strategies), how might you improve your communication
and relational skills? Identify a number of practical strategies that may be helpful. Note: You must
attach a copy of the completed diagnostics with a four paragraphs summary to your essay when
submitting it. Ensure that you meet all assessment criteria as specified on the rubric.
Please note that assignments will be marked with a grade only. © Monash College Page 2 of 2
Presentation requirements:
Essay format is required. Refer to the Q Manual.
Estimated return date:
Marked essays shall be returned within a 3 week turnaround.
Submission details:
Submit essay on Turnitin. Following documents in week 6 part 2 class:

  1. The excel file of your personality tests.
  2. One page with four paragraphs. Each paragraph has to summarise the results of your four
    personality tests and not include any theories.
    Penalties for late lodgment:
    A maximum penalty of 5% of the total mark allocated to this assessment will be deducted for each
    day that it is late. Students should note that a weekend is 2 days and will be treated as such when
    penalties are calculated.
    It is suggested that you plan on
    submitting the assignment before the due date to cover any unexpected delays you may encounter in
    finalising and completing the assignment. Excuses such as those relating to computer breakdowns are
    not acceptabl













  • 数据分析——报告你所做测试的结果。避免过度描述——分析结果并解释其含义。例如,从这些诊断中,你在人际关系、沟通方式和沟通偏好方面对自己有什么了解?这些数据对你的职业/工作有什么影响?重要的是,哪些方面可以改进?
  • 改善沟通的策略——确定对前一部分调查结果的回应。例如,利用沟通文献(注意:这意味着你必须参考这些策略的原始材料),你如何提高你的沟通和关系技能?确定一些可能有用的实用策略。注意:提交论文时,您必须附上一份完整的诊断报告,并附上四段摘要。确保你符合所有的评估标准,如在标题上指定的。


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提交一篇关于转弯的文章。第6周第2课的下列文件:1.  你个性测试的excel文件。 2。 一页四段。每一段都必须总结你四次性格测试的结果,不包括任何理论。






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