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Individual Assignment (20%):
Successful Marketing Plan for Financial Services
Students need to apply knowledge and concepts learned from the course to interpret and
analyse the business case. More specifically, you need to understand the natures and
characteristics of financial services and their customers, markets and competitive landscapes.
And, you need to analyse the strategies employed by the financial companies involved to
develop, market and manage the related matters, including the aspects of service delivery and
customer satisfaction.

Assume that you work as a marketing manager for a domestic commercial bank in Shanghai,
China. The bank has been developing a “bond fund” which invests in corporate bonds, with
40% of the fund investing in oversea corporate bonds and 60% in domestic corporate bonds.
The bank’s marketing team has already done some preliminary market research and has come
down to decision that the bank will market this financial services product to the domestic
market in mainland China. You are required to develop a “marketing plan” to address the
above-mentioned topics and issues. The marketing plan is about 1,500 words, and is
suggested to include the following items:

  1. Executive Summary (about 150 words)
  2. Main Body
    For the main body, students are encouraged to further conduct various market analysis
    and explore various market insights. And, its format may vary, including the use of
    tables and charts etc.
  3. Implications
  4. Conclusion

In order to develop a successful marketing plan for marketing this financial services product,
you may need to conduct in-depth market research for addressing the related issues in the
strategic market planning process.


  • This is an individual assignment. You should not discuss it with your classmates and
    the work submitted must be all your own. All assignments need to be submitted via
    Moodle and will be analyzed using the turn-it-in anti-plagiarism software.
  • Please pay attention to the notes on referencing and plagiarism, and provide clear
    referencing of sources used. – The assignment must be submitted via turnitin before 12:00 noon on March 23
    Wednesday. – There will be penalties for late submission