Opinion essay (Op-Ed) and Rationale

Title: Opinion essay (Op-Ed) and Rationale

Expectations: Opinion piece

Non-profit organization: Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

APA style Essay代写

You will write an opinion essay based on the guidelines presented in the readings. Basically, this will be an informative and persuasive magazine or newsletter essay. Note also that you should have read hundreds of these over your lifetime and you should be a regular consumer of Op-Ed essays if you choose this option. As professional communicators you should regularly read such content.

The essay must examine an issue that is being promoted by your chosen non-profit organisation and target a newspaper or magazine (print or online mass media outlet) that will reach the target audience in the media plan for your organisation. You should tie the issue into something covered already in the media. Note: Social Media is not appropriate for this assignment, social media sites do put publish original op-ed essays except when they are republishing them from actual media outlets. You should explain your choice of outlet in the rationale.

The opinion essay is written as an actual timely response to an issue from the leader of your chosen organization. Thus, you must write it in their “voice.” Their name will appear under the Op-Ed essay.


Explain the rationale behind your decisions in writing your opinion piece. Your rationale must include academic references to class readings only or content from your media outlet chosen such as past stories from their newspaper/magazine, etc. (not web sites or online sources) that inform your choices of opinion angle, target audience, topic, newspaper choice, writing style, etc.

In other words, the only support you should use for this assignment should come from the class readings and texts, and the media outlets you target for your individual assignments. Do not search for random support on the internet to justify the decisions you make. We are reading lots of information that does that already. Use only class texts and materials.

TIPS Essay代写

1.Make sure you have conducted copious research about your organization and

the topic so that your op/ed essay has the right tone for your organization and

speaks to an issue of importance.

2.No ”this,” “it,” “their,” contractions, etc. Use proper nouns and clear referents

whenever you write. Do not say “we” use your organization’s name. You want your name to appear in the newspaper, not “we” or a vague acronym.

An Opinion Piece

. What do you notice about the first sentence?

. What about the way the article unfolds?

. What is different to a media release?

An opinion piece

Op-ed piece

  • Aim to appeal to intellect and to persuade.
  • Know your audience well enough to find common ground.
  • Set out your arguments and delineate the debate.
  • Argue cause and effect; use analogies and examples.

Types of leads

  • Look for the most interesting entry point in the story for the reader—you are not searching for a news angle as you would for a news story.
  • Direct appeal—reach out directly to audience.
  • Anecdotal—tell story that resonates with audience.
  • Quotation—it must be very clear who the speaker is.

Opinion structure

1.The lead—this reaches out directly to your audience with an anecdote, a comment. It can be informal—it does not have to include the news angle.

2.A “nub” paragraph—a summary of the main point you want to make, saying why the story matters (look at literacy example)


3.The body—a series of paragraphs that develop the sub-points in the story and support the main point you have set out in the nub paragraph; each paragraph will be about a different aspect of the argument but all contribute to the point. It is here that you mention what your client is doing to address the problem/issue.

4.A conclusion—a few paragraphs that echo the lead or restate the main point to give a feeling of closure.

Opinion writing

  • In a media release you must maintain an appearance of neutrality, it is written in the style of an objective news article.
  • A letter to the editor or op-ed piece is overtly persuasive.
  • It is also an appeal to the intellect so you must construct the argument using evidence.

Your opinion piece Essay代写

  • For this assignment, you are writing an opinion piece FOR your client.
  • So it will be SIGNED by your client, your client’s name will appear in the publication as having written the opinion piece.
  • You can still write in either the first or the third person, but remember you are writing in the “voice” of your client.

Evidence of research into the issue and into coverage of issue in the media

Excellent research into media coverage of the issue. Used information effectively to promote your case. Included reference to article(s) or news coverage on the issue that have appeared in your target media outlet, enjoyable to read, etc.

Clear identification of the opinion point or topic that is of key interest to the non-profit client. Issues is newsworthy and timely

Opinion clearly and forcefully presented. References made to where the topic appears in the news source that is being targeted or to a current news story in the media in general. Opinion relates to issue of major significance to your non-profit organisation and is strongly newsworthy.

Quality of expression in opinion essay AND rationale

Outstanding quality of expression. Excellent presentation of coherent and forceful opinions. Language appropriate for the targeted media outlet. Rationale shows clear and logical thinking, well-expressed, good support.

Explanation of decisions taken in writing, rationale, & quality of references

Outstanding and insightful content. Decisions made and succinctly explained. Wide ranging reading with excellent referencing.


APA风格 Essay代写














. 你注意到第一句话了吗?

. 文章展开的方式呢?

. 媒体发布有什么不同?


  • http://www . ABC . net . au/news/2017-03-20/issleepwalking-problem-and-can-be cured/8369910
  • http://www . ABC . net . au/news/2017-03-20/how肥胖症-病因-癌症-筛查和治疗-难度/8369194
  • http://www . smh . com . au/comment/alertment-to-mentaldisorders-key-to-prevention-youth-selects-2015 03 26-1 m7y JF . html
  • http://www . ABC . net . au/news/2012-02-14/Maher-the-right-to-read-and-write/3829196


  • 旨在吸引智力和说服。
  • 充分了解你的观众,找到共同点。
  • 陈述你的论点,描述辩论。
  • 辩因果;使用类比和例子。


  • 为读者寻找故事中最有趣的切入点——你不是像寻找新闻故事那样寻找新闻角度。
  • 直接吸引力——直接接触观众。
  • 轶事——讲述能引起观众共鸣的故事。
  • 引语——说话者必须非常清楚。




www . ABC . net . au/news/2012-02-14/Maher-right-to-read-and-write/3829196




  • 在媒体发布中,你必须保持中立,这是以客观新闻文章的风格写的。
  • 给编辑的一封信或一篇专栏文章显然很有说服力。
  • 这也是对智力的呼吁,所以你必须用证据来构建论点。


  • 对于这项任务,你正在为你的客户写一篇意见。
  • 因此,它将由您的客户签名,您的客户的名字将出现在出版物中,作为撰写意见的文章。
  • 你仍然可以用第一人称或第三人称写作,但请记住,你是在用客户的“声音”写作。














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