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The purpose of this assignment is to assess the student’s ability to evaluate the risks and benefits of consuming farmed fish–salmon in particular–and to apply the information to developing a healthful diet.


Complete lesson 7, read ******** ,do some online research about farmed vs. wild caught salmon, and then respond to the questions below by typing your answers in the text box. All sources used in this assignment must be reliable, so check your sources for accuracy and bias before completing the assignment.


Take a Stand: Is wild salmon a better choice than farmed salmon?

“Caution! Students have failed this course for plagiarizing when completing this assignment. Use your own words and be sure to acknowledge the sources you use in answering the questions in this assignment. Points–many, many, points–will be deducted for use of quotes instead of summarizing in your own words. Include a list of works cited at the end of your assignment.

Please answer the questions that follow:

  1. Summarize–in your own words–and discuss three risks associated with consuming farm raised salmon.
  2. Summarize–in your own words–and discuss two benefits associated with consuming farm raised salmon.
  3. Summarize–in your own words–and discuss two benefits associated with consuming wild caught salmon.
  4.  Identify and discuss one specific reliable online resource available to consumers to help them make healthful choices when purchasing salmon and other fish. Include your links. 
  5. Based on what you have read and considering your own opinion, would you choose farmed salmon or wild caught salmon if you were shopping for it today? Why?

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