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本次作业代写要求是根据上课所学知识写一篇500字小论文,主题是与business ethics有关。

In Chapter 5 of Business Ethics for Better Behavior, the authors explain
what they think exploitation is and some of the conditions that can make
exploitation morally wrong. In this assignment, you will apply these ideas
to a concrete or specific situation in finance. In the first part, you should
describe a situation (real or hypothetical) where there is a possibility or
legitimate concern of exploitation. In the second part, you should apply the
ideas from Chapter 5 to the case. Do you think this is a case of morally
wrong exploitation? Why or why not?
• Due October 1st, 5pm, via Canvas
• Assignment prompt posted on Canvas
1st Short Writing Assignment
• Submit your assignment via Canvas and on Turn-it-in.
• Your assignment should be approximately 500 words, or two pages
• No title page required. Just your name in the top left.
• Due: Friday, October 1 at 5p